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i do not like pre-employment electronic tests! i like the simplicity and efficiency of online applications. i don't like in the least the basicall 5,000 questions prying into my life! what does me liking a beer or a joint on saturday night have to do with stocking shelves for $7.00/hr.? what do my social skills have to do with being able to give back change? absolutely nothing! this is part of why i can't get a job- my personality reponses disqualify somehow i think
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what the fuck happened to me this afternoon/evening that made me go from pretty happy to pretty down? all i did was see ilya's myspace profile... he's so hot there! and i know there's no point in all this. why am i so fucking sensative! i want to cry right now.
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got an interview in the afternoon. hopefully they'll over look my piercings since the only one i can take out now is my labret and my eyebrow ring, but i only know how to take out my eyebrow ring :( read my cousin's blog on myspace just now. i really really need to stop comparing myself to others. it's just continually makes me feel like a huge loser. but i might hopefully finally get a job. today was so boring. i actually talked with my mom tonight! but i was also really hyper then. boredom does that to me. got to talk to another pretty redhead boy yesterday since i was in the grocery store 2 hours earlier than usual lol :) there's a newer boy there, too. they keep apolizing for not having foods i want. kind of cute actually. damn teens! i am so horrible. there are 4 of them now soon to be 18. and it sucks. why they can't be like 21 is just crappy, since my last couple relationships were with guys that have huge problems. and the last dude to admit to really liking me's been in prison a few times and still needs his ged. and the guy from the coffee place (he was shift supervisor) has a fucking wife or whatever he calls her. still think the girl at the library is incredinly pretty. that sucks too. i am really lame. yes i go to the library to at least wave to the girl at the library and the redhead boy that works there. and i'm pleased when all three boys are at the grocery store when i go so i can say hi. good gawd i am so lame! and i don't know what to say on my interview. my last job was watering plants and i got laid off in july. my last job before that was in 2003
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i still have no clue what i want to do with my life. it's sad when high schoolers and kids barely out of high school have more shit together than me. i'll finally graduate from community college (after constantly fucking) up this coming spring. my gpa will be high enough to graduate. and i still don't know what i want to do :(

i haven't touched alcohol since last october. drugs (illegal) since last september. sexually intercourse since april; sexual contact since june. so yeh, at least i'm clean and sober.  i havden't taken my perscription meds either since august 9th or 10th, but i only take those a week or so before an event. i still think i suck, though :(
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help get justice for this baby puppy!

this is from a myspace bulletin:

This is disgusting! Please sign and be sure to pass on to everyone in your email address book as well as all forums and groups you belong to... Thanks

6 Wk Old Puppy Slammed Into Pavement -Support DA's Felony Charges

Bernadette Hutcherson, 19, was walking the 6 week old yellow Labrador retriever on a leash with some friends Sunday in the 1700 block of 28th Avenue.

Police say that for some reason, the dog angered Hutcherson, who began kicking it, causing it to flip over several times. She then picked the dog up and slammed its head into the pavement at least twice.

Animal cruelty charges can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. In this case the Alameda County District Attorney's Office (CA) charged Hutcherson with a felony because of the incident's vicious nature and Hutcherson's intent to kill, authorities said.

Having witnesses to this despicable act can only help the prosecution, but our voices must ensure the felony charges are carried out in court!

Read the entire news article at:

OR on
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should i stay or should i go?

so yesterday evening i signed up to be one of 2 volunteers at warped tour in cleveland this year and i told my bro. but i don't know when i'll find out if i got picked or not. i really want to go to this show though. i've never been and rumour has it this is the last year for warped tour. so i decided i want to go ahead and buy my ticket that way if i'm not picked i can still go. and if i am picked i can find a couple people to give the tickets to. my bro thinks that's a stupid idea though since i just lost my job. thing is i'm sick and tired of not being able to do like 95-99% of shit i want to do. i've never been to warped tour and i've wanted to go since 1999 or 2000 (when i first became truly aware of it in general). i pointed out how instead of buying his x-boxes or whatever he keeps buying he could save his money to get an apartment. it'll be about $40 for warped tour... all day event with about $40 bands. i think that's a great deal. i could postpone other stuff (piercing my tongue, my hair, etc) until i get another gig but i really want to go to this show. i missed cats on broadway and i'm still upset over it.only reason i caught phantom of the opera in toronto the last season was because i went up there with my dad. i regret still living at home and not being in canada as a citizen now. i'm still single and childless. i should be allowed the minor pleasure at least of attending a potentially awesome rock show
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stupid form email response from senator mike dewine

June 9, 2006

Dear Kimberly:

Thank you for contacting me.

I always have believed that marriage is between a man and a woman.  That's
why, in 1996, I voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, and why I am a
co-sponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 1, the proposed Constitutional
amendment that would legally define marriage as the union between a man
and a woman.

The proposed amendment passed out of the Judiciary Committee, of which I
am a member, and moved to the Floor for consideration by the full Senate.
I supported the marriage amendment in the Judiciary Committee and, on
June, 7 2006, I voted in support of the amendment on the Senate Floor.
Unfortunately, although a majority of Senators voting supported the
amendment (49-48), it was not enough to move the amendment forward under
Senate procedural rules.  I will, however, continue to support all efforts
to work for passage of this amendment in the future.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue.  If you have
any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Very respectfully yours,
United States Senator

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i am cute

had to tweak this from a myspace bulletin!

On May 15th, do not go to the gas station in protest high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are 72,110,073 members currently on the network (myspace), and the average car takes about 20 to 30 dollars to fill up. If a lot people of did not go to the pump on the 15th it would take $2,163,302,190.00 out of the oil companies' pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in the oil industry for at least one day.

sorry if this looks so shoddy, but i don't know how to apply it completely to lj. point is, if you can avoid it don't fill up on may 15. use public transportation, bike or walk. fill up your tank another day if you must drive.